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Share Your Media Technology Skills

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Jul 09, 2017 Jul 09, 2017

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When someone completes their Earthly work, we look back on their accomplishments and then we can explore what we have done, so far, and what we still need to get to.

This weekend Deacon Charlie Coutu, completed his ministry on Earth. Charlie was an insurance executive who felt called to be one of the first Deacons of the Roman Catholic Church, after Vatican II opened the doors to such an Office for a married man.

We helped Charlie to learn everything from Windows basics to doing online research, and even installing new printer cartridges, so he could print his homilies.

This caused us to ponder how many of us can reach out to others and help them with things which we see as small, but to those who really need our help, those small things are a lifeline which determines if their life callings are achieved or not.

In the decades we knew Charlie, he endured, and battled back from, a few cerebral strokes, so, our outreach required an understanding on what communicated the best to him, at times. 

This week, please reach out. Be patient and understanding. Move someone’s calling forward. And, then, feel like one of your callings is to assist in making the calling of another, a goal which they achieve, because of you.






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