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Whats happened to Adobe's customer service?!

New Here ,
Nov 06, 2019 Nov 06, 2019

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I tried to delete 3 extra CC licenses from my account. It took me about 20 mins to do this. First of all, I can't believe you can't just add/delete subscriptions once your account is up and running. 2nd of all, now I understand why it's not setup this way. Adobe tries to strong arm you into keeping unnecessary subscriptions and they don't want to lose that revenue at all costs it seems. Here's the transcript of my 'CHAT' I just had with Adobe's customer support rem "Nidhi".


Today  10:41 AM


We'll connect you with an agent as soon as possible. For a faster resolution, please tell us how we can help you today.

You are now connected to Aditya, who is reviewing your account. If you need to share sensitive information, such as credit card number, please wait for your agent to give you steps to share it securely.


ME: Need to delete 3 Creative Cloud licenses ASAP.


Aditya: Hello. I’ll be happy to assist you with deleting your creative cloud licenses.


ME: Yes!


Aditya: let me connect you with the cancellation team for removing the licenses. Connecting you with a specialist as soon as possible.


You are now connected to Nidhi, who is reviewing your account. If you need to share sensitive information, such as credit card number, please wait for your agent to give you steps to share it securely.


Nidhi: Hello I'll be happy to assist you. May I know why do you want to cancel?


ME: 3 Creative Cloud licenses


Nidhi: May I know why do you want to cancel?


ME: because nobody's using them and we are being charged.


Nidhi: Do you think someone else could benefit from the subscription instead?


ME: Dude, just delete them please. I know what we need and want.


Nidhi: If you wish to continue to use all  the 6  licenses of CC all apps under your account then I can offer you CC all apps at USD 59.99 per license per month for the next 1 year excluding tax.Do you want to take this offer?


ME: No, please delete. Thanks for the offer.


Nidhi: Do you want to replace this license with any other Adobe application of your use?


ME: No thanks. Please delete 3 CC licenses. I just talked to my team, nobody needs them.


Nidhi: I would like to inform you that the next billing date for your subscription will be (6 December 2019) and your  annual subscription will renew on( 6 February 2020).

Based on your annual subscription, a one month termination fee would apply. if you stay till 10 months there will be no fee. Would you still like to cancel?


ME: What termination fee?!?


Nidhi: You will be charged USD 264.21 for terminating 3 unassigned licenses of CC all apps.


ME: Cancel the 3 licenses.


Nidhi: I would suggest you to invest your money on something that you can use instead of paying termination fee.I would suggest you to take some time and think about the options before wasting such huge amount of money.




Nidhi: I would like to inform you that you cannot use the license as soon as the cancellation is processed.


ME: I will be calling and emailing Adobe Corp about this conversation and how you've been pressuring my company to accept unnecessary products that we as a company have already deemed not needed.


Nidhi: Let me help you with cancellation.


ME: I know people that work with Adobe, i'm in WA state and this conversation has been absurdly frustrating. I feel like I was just at a used car lot.


Nidhi: I have cancelled 3 unassigned licenses of CC all apps under your account.You will receive an email confirming your cancellation.

I hope that helped. You'll receive an email with a survey link. Please take a moment to rate your experience and help us improve. Thanks!


11:11 AM


ME: I can't believe how bad Adobe's customer service has gotten. Unbelievable.


Nidhi: I was just helping with the options so that your money is invested on something that you can use.


ME: Here's a tip, DON'T TELL PEOPLE WHAT TO DO WITH THEIR MONEY. Just tell them what the options are. Telling me to think about it is insulting and you have no right to inject your corporate interests in what I have already decided to do. You handled this very badly.


Nidhi: I apologize for the inconvenience caused.


ME: Are we done?


Nidhi: Yes Ikes.


11:15 AM







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