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Dec 02, 2020

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Hey, ya'll!

I just wanted to ping the community and see if anyone has some ideas for the type of software our team is looking for.

We create tutorial videos for our software company. Currently, we're a team of five and we each own every part of the process as well as reviewing each other's work:

1. Scriptwriting; including reviewing each other's scripts for technical accuracy, grammar, and style guide correctness.

2. Pre-production; including audio and screen recording and reviewing each other's work for blips, bad audio, bad parts of the screen recording. Done in Premiere Pro.

3. Post-Production; including animation and polishing of the video and reviewing each other's work to make sure the final product looks good.

4. Publishing; which includes getting it into our LMS system and making sure everything is consistent. 


What we're looking for is a program that can manage those four steps, including being able to write directly in the program in a WYSIWYG editor, transition the project through review steps for each process, link or host the videos so they're easily viewable and someone doesn't need to go out to dropbox or something and have gatekeepers to decide when each part of the process is done.


I've found various pieces of software that do some of those things, the best so far being Frame.io which handles everything AFTER the scriptwriting process. But with it lacking a built-in writing tool, it doesn't fit what we're looking for.


Currently, we do everything in Atlassian Confluence, which is fine but it's a very homebrew method that we've built with templates and stuff and it's just junky and hard to scale as our team grows and as we continue to need review outside our department.


So if anyone has some software they would recommend that can encompass ALL of those things, we would love to hear it!







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