Fabulous Fonts - Austin Adobe User Group meeting invitation for Sept 9, 6 pm CDT

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Sep 02, 2021 Sep 02, 2021

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After taking off the month of August, per our tradition, we are well rested and will meet again, on Zoom, on September 9th, 6 pm CDT to learn a lot about fonts from Austin Adobe User Group co-manager Tom Berglie. The meeting's Zoom address is the one we use regularly. For access details, please email karen@austinadobeusergroup.com.


Fonts are all around us: typefaces, letters, text, and all sorts of written messages. But what are fonts really, and how do they work? Does it matter what font or typeface you use for your design project? Is copywriting, proofreading, or illustrations more important to achieve efficient communication? Get answers.

The world of fonts, the principles of typography, and the history of letter-based presentation is a vast area. This presentation marks the first installment of what’s planned to be a series about textual, visual communication.

What is a font, and what makes it a font? What were fonts before computers? Why do we call them faces (as in ‘typefaces’)? Which font should I choose? What kind of vocabulary is available to describe or discuss a font’s or typeface’s properties, character, and style? How do fonts work in the Adobe world?

We invite you to an introduction to the wonderful world of type.

  • Tom Berglie is an Adobe Certified Instructor with more than 25 years of experience in publishing, as a graphic designer, writer, and photographer. He’s been teaching Adobe software including InDesign, Photoshop, and Acrobat for more than a decade and is also an experienced textbook author and translator. Tom relocated from Norway to Texas in 2014 and is now running his own design business and teaching, B-learning Live, out of Austin, along with full-time engagement as a software translator.

Please share this widely among those who care about fonts and design.
Tom Berglie, Cornelius Chopin, & Karen Kreps
Co-managers - Austin Adobe User Group








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