Font Folio 9, License: Modify or not?

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Jan 14, 2016 Jan 14, 2016

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Last year I bought Font Folio 9, with loads of Type 1 fonts (stone age of typesetting).

As this was the one and only version, ages ago, it was allowed to modify these fonts.

And to embedd them.

But now, with my purchase, there is in the license a link to this website

Additional License Rights, font permission list | Adobe,

which shows the fonts of Version 11.1

(e.g. LogoArl, LogoCut, LogoLine, Orgánica GMM, Phoreus Cherokee, Sava

Sava, Source Code etc., who are not in FF9).

On the other hand there is written:

If you purchased fonts from Adobe prior to August 08, 2011,

then you still have the modification rights granted by the EULA that came with your font.

I bought them after this date, but the original version was sold way before.

My question is:

Do I have now the right to modify the fonts of FF9 or not?

Is the license of the old and original FF9 valid or the license and the restrictions of the actual FF11.1?

To add some weird characters, like n, m or h with dotbelow, or others with breve or even mirrored breve

is a part of my typesetting experience. No so called pro-font has this all of this characters.

I just want to put the missing characters in and that's it.

Embedding into pdf for viewing is a must have too.

Looking forward to get an authoritative answer.









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