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Apr 17, 2020 Apr 17, 2020

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Hi everybody! I have a font problem with an After Effects file, I'm trying everything and I'm banging my head everywhere but I can't solve it! 


In my file I have several text boxes, which are then localized in different languages, so I use the Arial Unicode font, that works fine with all these languages (the text has to be all in the same font). The text content is taken from a CSV file that contains all the sentences (in all the languages I have to do) and works fine.


The problem arises when I use languages with the Cyrillic or Slavic alphabet (like Russian, for instance) and Greek: font is ok, but the text lines are not correct. At the end of the line the words are splitted: when the lines ends and text is not wrapped properly! Where the line ends the word is split without any regarding to the integrity of the word... I have tried several options in the advanced paragraph properties, but can't get over it. Note that this happens alsom if I put the text manually, so it os not an issue causeb by the CVS import.


Tips? Ideas? Thanks a lot to those who can help me! (mac osX 10.14.5 - AE 2019 & 2020).







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