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Jul 02, 2017 Jul 02, 2017

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Hi guys,  I'm designing a website for a client and was interested in purchasing helvetica regular/normal.

I have this font installed on my computer from previous work i'v done in my old office a long time ago but i need to license this for my correct client for web usage.

Problem is, I cant find it. I can only find helvetica neue which is not the same. It's strange, i know it exists, i can see other websites

use it (i use what font plugin), i can test it in different web font platforms(CSS Font Stack: Helvetica Web Font ),

i can find it for free, but no where can i purchase it.

So i figured ill try helvetica neue for a parallel.  After some testing in fontshop with, i realized medium 65 looks the same as the regular/normal (at least there).

But when I test with it in Photoshop it looks completely different while the helvetica regular i have installed looks exactly like the web version.

I really cant understand what am i missing...Anyone got any ideas?







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