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Apr 23, 2015 Apr 23, 2015

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Hi Everyone,

I have only recently graduated and I have managed to get some freelance work with a company where my brother works. I am just in the process of proposing some changes to there branding and they have asked for some alternative Typographic choices to the Helvetica they use in everything,

I am thinking suggesting some geometric typefaces that arent to far away from Helvetica and thought of using the following - maybe Texta Alt Book with Chapparel, LeanOSans with Adriane or maybe playing it safer with Futura and Chapparel (which I know is widely regarded as complementary). I think the Texta option look good together but I am was terrible at typography at uni so would love to hear anyones opinion on this or maybe even an alternative to the Texta Typeset.


I am not great at typography and this is my first major project as a freelancer so would welcome anyones advise or comments on these pairings.

Thanks in advance for anyone who take the time to reply.








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