Use of fonts embedded in photoshop for commerical use? (Static content, like images)

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Aug 12, 2014 Aug 12, 2014

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I am developing a Mobile game for Android, and I can't stop thinking about if i am in the clear when it comes to the use of fonts. I've searched the web, but can't really find a clear answer.

I am using only font embedded in photoshop/illustrator, and only displaying them in static content, such as Images/logos. So my question is, am I in the clear, or do I need som kind for special license for this?

FYI I am mostly using the MonoType Impact font. I stumbled over this though, its Monotypes Imaging EULA for fonts ( I think). It says :

You may embed static graphic images into an electronic document, including a Commercial Product, (for example, a "gif") with a representation of a typeface and typographic design or ornament created with the Font Software as long as such images are not used as a replacement for Font Software, i.e. as long as the representations do not correspond to individual glyphs of the Font Software and may not be individually addressed by the document to render such designs and ornaments.

Would appreciate any help, thanks!







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