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Variable font remains static in all Adobe apps.

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Apr 26, 2018 Apr 26, 2018

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I think this question fits best here, since it's an all-app wide issue, related to how variable fonts are handled.

Having created some variable font experiments, I was glad so far all of them have been fully usable in the compatible Adobe apps. But with my latest creation I have ran into an issue: The variable axis of the typeface remains static, even when changing the value. When manually overriding the styles it also remains static in the first style.

The font is fully functional though, since all popular testers (Axis-praxis, and more recently Fontdrop) and my own webtester work perfectly, making the axis functional and the styles manually selectable. And I haven't found anything out of place in the fontfile itself compared to other variable experiments that do work.

I have tested multiple CC versions and on different machines with various OS's. But the issue persists.

Any idea's what could cause this issue?


I added screengrabs of the issue, hope this helps!







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