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Adobe Community - Search Functionality Issue

Community Beginner ,
Sep 18, 2019 Sep 18, 2019

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Regarding the use of the Adobe Community itself...


Do you frequent users have tips on searching for your question in this community? And Adobe, why does search functionality seem to pull up unrelated material when I know there is relevant material existing on my beginner-level questions?


When I search on Google to ask a question about an Adobe software, I see links show up to posts that would clearly answer my question, links that lead to this adobe community. Then when I click said links, it takes me here, to a welcome page where I have to then click on the app I want to ask about, then search again for the answer to my question. At which point, none of the very clear answers I saw in the search results show up. I understand that what seach engines show is complicated and not directly controlled by Adobe and that metatagging etc play into this, and Adobe can't do much about this. But for the search functionality within this community to appear to be so lacking that it doesn't help me find the answers to my questions, where Google does, is frustrating. Again and again I try because I would like to use the community, but I end up always not finding anything close to what I'm asking, backing out, and returning to Google, where I end up finding answers on other blogs and websites not related to Adobe. It would be cool if search functionality were improved so I could find my answers here and benefit from frequent users and Adobe employees knowledge.






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