Avoid Phishing: 3 Easy Ways to Identify Adobe Staff

Dec 09, 2019 Dec 09, 2019

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We have received reports where some individuals in the community are posing as Adobe Employees. These individuals are falsely representing who they are to gain your trust, and possibly access to your computer or personal information by offering to help troubleshoot issues.


Here are 3 easy ways you can identify Adobe Staff:

  1. All Adobe Staff have a RED ADOBE BADGE below their profile picture and an Adobe logo after their username. This staff badge is visible on Adobe Staff profile pages, original posts, and reply threads. 

  2.  Genuine Adobe emails always end in adobe.com

  3. Adobe Staff will never ask you to share your passwords or sensitive information in the Adobe Community. Adobe employees will always direct you to communicate through an official Adobe channel to set up support sessions.


Please report any suspicious behavior by clicking on the ‘Report’ button, and report phishing attempts via phishing@adobe.com


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