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Meet our Community Experts!

Adobe Employee ,
Feb 22, 2022 Feb 22, 2022

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Have you ever seen users badged in this community as Community Experts? Did you ever wonder why they have this distinction or how they got there? I have answers for you!

The Adobe Community Experts Program consists of teachers, creatives, freelancers, authors, publishers, bloggers, hobbyists, and industry influencers from among our customer base who use their experience and expertise to educate and inspire their fellow users on the Adobe Community and other platforms.  


As community leaders in their field, they exemplify the program values of sharing their product expertise, with a passion for fostering creativity, supporting their peers and problem-solving.


Some of our members are content creators on other platforms such as Behance, YouTube, LinkedIn Learning, etc., or even educators, trainers, influencers and subject matter experts.

Let's meet some of them!
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Why would you want to join?
As an Adobe Community Expert, not only would you be continuing your amazing contributions but also joining other creative professionals worldwide with whom to network and collaborate. Over 450 of them worldwide.

Our members also receive amazing benefits like access to prerelease information, private community boards, networking meetings with fellow members, an invite to tech-related events made just for you, a direct line of communication with Adobe, and more! 

How to join the program?
The short answer is: through community participation.
Once you start replying to other users in the Adobe Community, you'll go up the ranks. We're always on the lookout for any users who may show not only high levels of engagement but are also providing helpful, constructive answers to their fellow community users. 
So? What are you waiting for? Start helping others in the Adobe Community with their product questions and in time, we may be in touch with a very special invite 😉

Sil Cleary (they/them)
Sr Manager, Community Experts Program

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