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Points & Badges

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Mar 29, 2016 Mar 29, 2016

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The forums are a great place to come and get help and guidance, but they're also a great place to help others! If you find that you enjoy helping other users here, you may be interested in learning more about our ACP & MVP programs.

How to get more involved

The first step is simple- keep answering user's questions. This is the core of our forums and the place we need the most help. As you help others, you may find that you learn more and more yourself!

What's the deal with points?

As you answer questions and participate in the community, you'll find that you start to receive points. This system encourages community engagement and validation.

How do you get points?

Screen Shot 2018-05-03 at 2.33.56 PM.png

Only community moderators or the original poster can mark a post Correct.

Only certain users can post blogs, polls, and ideas.

What are the point levels?

level-1-badge.png0-50 Level 1

level-2-badge.png51-150 Level 2

level-3-badge.png151-500 Level 3

level-4-badge.png501-2,500 Level 4

level-5-badge.png2,501-5,000 Level 5

level-6-badge.png5,001-10,000 Level 6

level-7-badge.png10,001-20,000 Level 7

level-8-badge.png20,001-35000 Level 8

level-9-badge.png35,001-50,000 Level 9

level-10-badge.png50,000+ Level 10

Community Connections & Showcase

These spaces are for you, our community members.

  • The Connections space is our own virtual cafe, where you can discuss creative topics and brainstorm with fellow forum users. This is the place to go to get to know your community.
  • The Showcase space highlights tutorials from our ACPs, our users. Check it out to learn more about our products and find experts with similar interests as you!


Adobe recognizes top community participants through its rewards program each quarter. The prizes are intended to reward exceptional community contributions and encourage continued participation among top contributors. Additionally, each quarter, top contributors receive a $50 gift card (or equivalent in prizes).

Winners are selected by Adobe community forum administrators according to the following criteria:

  • Activity during the quarter (points earned and number of posts)
  • Quality of answers
  • Positive community participation and encouragement of others

You can review a list of recent winners.


See who's who:

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 9.23.06 AM.pngAdobe Employee: A verified member of our Forum Staff team.

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 9.22.41 AM.pngAdobe Community Professional: An officially-recognized product expert who can speak on behalf of Adobe, but not an employee.

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 9.22.50 AM.pngMost Valuable Participant: Forum moderators and experts selected by Adobe. MVPs may also be ACPs or UGMs, those affiliations are shown on their profile page.







Community guidelines
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