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Mar 18, 2009 Mar 18, 2009

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* First & foremost, is there a way to make code blocks slightly wider? Or to make the whole forum flex-width instead of fix-width? Currently I can see that a LOT of code is going to be off the right hand edge of the page. That "Actions" column takes a frustrating amount of room.
* Secondly, is tab-width within your control? That might help with the first issue too (eg, if the tabs indents only 3-4 spaces wide instead of 4 picas).
* And finally, all the code I paste into the browser has double-spacing instead of single spacing. I suspect this is some weird cr/lr issue. Don't know if the back-end has some sort of tr ability to replace all of them with a single cr, but it would be really nice.
* While we're making a wishlist, Applescript & Javascript code highlighting would be nice too!







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