February 10th Release Notes

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Feb 14, 2020 Feb 14, 2020

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Hi all,

Apologies for the delay; here's what we released on February 10th, 2020.





  • We've implemented modernized versions for these types of emails:
    • Your post received a correct answer
    • Your reply was marked as a correct answer


Sorting and Filtering

  • We've removed the relevance sort on each community page and are now showing featured posts in all other sort options. Filtering and selecting topics still control whether or not a Featured post will show up on the community page.




Performance Optimization

  • We've made some basic optimizations on the conversation pages, create a post page, and search page including replies, the action menu under each reply, topics, and attachments. However, we know there are still issues with slow load on most of the site and we're working with our platform partners on more leads for where the problems lie.


Repeated Sign Out/Sign In

  • We increased the maximum time set to sign someone out of their account.


Account Settings

  • We fixed a few scenarios that were causing slow load and have identified a couple more that have to do with using special characters and not being able to load Account Settings. Those changes were made to the Profile, Macros, and Notifications tabs - more work is still needed to make all the tabs in Account Settings have the same handling and optimizations.
  • The signature option that was mistakenly removed from the new Account Settings is back.
  • We've fixed some spacing and padding issues within the Notification and Macros tabs.


Product Branding

  • We've updated the Adobe Comp, Adobe Color, and Adobe Capture communities to have the correct names. Adobe Comp and Adobe Capture were updated with the correct mnemonics (icons) and text color. Additionally, we've updated the Photoshop mnemonic.




Melissa Rios, Product Manager, Community Experience & Platform | Adobe
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