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Apr 07, 2009 Apr 07, 2009

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I have a packetsniffer running on my network because I was testing some

issues with the webservice interface when I noticed something strange.

The server accepted a request and started processing it, then after 72

seconds it suddenly closed the connection. My client obviously retried,

and the server immediately closed the connection again. I have attached

the TCP dump summary as "Server connection resets.txt" to this message.

Later on I captured the TCP dump of a server timeout. Or maybe not

really a timeout, but after 630 seconds waiting for a list of all forums

I decided it was enough. The TCP dump summary is attached as "Server

connection timeout.txt". If necessary I have the full dump, but I would

have to sanitize it.

This kill after 630 seconds is the worst case I have seen so far. On

average a call to the webservice API to download the list of all

communities takes approximately 110 seconds until the first response

bytes arrive. A full login cycle (request to forum, request to login

service, request to forum, request to API) consistently takes 17 seconds.



Jochem van Dieten







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