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AMD vs Nvidia. Whats your thought and why?

New Here ,
Jun 04, 2019 Jun 04, 2019

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I am currently rendering about realtime (20minute videos take 20 minutes to render)

My SetUp:   I7-8700k currently not overclocked
                   16 GB Ram
                   GeForce 2080

(i dont think any more is needed to get a good overlook of my setup)

Given you that information, i was thinking about changing it as it doesnt suit my needs anymore.

I am currently thinking about getting a Threadripper 2950x, a 2080ti and about 64gb of ram

Why am i considering this?
I am currently producing videos, running a server for my friends and myself and want to game properly in one SetUp.
Now my question: Is it worth it? Do I speed up my rendering? Would you change for another CPU, GPU?

Just submit your thoughts and feel free to ask additional questions Please, always give an information to why you'd change something. Whats its benefit and whats the downside? In our company, we are all split about our opinions.

My current budget is about 5000 Euros and I'd need to change the whole system and want to go for a full custom water cooling setup.

Thank you all in advance for any hints






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