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Mac Pro 5,1 vs Nvidia 1080ti => Help!

New Here ,
Aug 07, 2017 Aug 07, 2017

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I can really use your help. So, this is my story: I ordered a customized Mac Pro 5,1 2012 12 core 3,46 Ghz X5690 at create.pro with a few strong features.

- 8x16 GB => 128 GB of ram

- Nvidia 1080ti in PCI 1

- Blackmagic decklink mini 4K in PCI 2

- 1TB SSD in PCI 3

- 2xUSB A 3.0 1xUSB C in PCI 4

Well, actually i only ordered it with the RAM, the 1080ti and the SSD. I received the computer with the original small videocard GT 120 in it (which I still need if the nvidia drivers get disabled, but I removed it for now). And then I put in the blackmagic and the USB 3.0 card. It looked perfect to me. Sounds like overkill? It does, but I thought 'Hey, I can still use those high quality components in my next machine'.


Now I'm in trouble. Playback in premiere pro? I hit the playbar and a simple HD prores doesn't play for more than 5 seconds. Over. And over. Again. Quicktime player does it just fine, but not premiere pro. After Effects has the very annoying habit of repeatedly crashing. AND the playback through blackmagic continues drifting, so its useless as well. Anyone please, help me out, how can I make this setup work?....








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