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Mid 2015 MacBook Pro, SSD, 2.8 i7 16GB, R9-M370X, will high use encoding kill it?

Engaged ,
Dec 18, 2018 Dec 18, 2018

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I've got the last MacBook Pro with the good Keyboard. I typically only use it while travelling and have not done much encoding on it until now. I have an extended trip coming up and I want to encode some videos that will encode all night long. I ran a test last night and notice the following while encoding

  • The fan stays on all the time
  • The Battery drains to about 85% and hovers there even though plugged in with 85w charger

Should I be worried about my MacBook prematurely failing (mb, memory, hd, etc.) if I do this a lot or is it made for it and I shouldn't worry.  All stories welcome.







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