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Pulling Out My Hair - Dell 9570 - Switch back to Mac?

New Here ,
Apr 27, 2019 Apr 27, 2019

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This post would be exhaustingly long if I listed all the troubleshooting measures I have taken in order to resolve this, so I'm gonna go with a quick overview and ask for a certain amount of good faith that I have tried every Google-able, Bing-able, Adobe/Dell/NVidia/Reddit/YouTube-searchable solution. I am looking for insight into my next move and if someone can precisely speak to what causes this (apparently) unresolvable issue. Oh, and forgive the tone of frustration bleeding through this text.


Dell 9570



NVidia 1050Ti


PP/AE/AU CC 2019

Workflows range from basic single audio/video tracks, 1080p30(or below) MTS or MP4, stacked with fair amount of title/graphics/coloring/transitions; to 4k proxies with just color correction; to multi-layered, transition/GFX-heavy 4k-proxy footage;

Quite simply, my entire editing experience is laggy/sluggish/unresponsive AF. The circumstances do NOT matter - the simplest of timelines and sequences eventually become so slow to respond to inputs:

  • clicking a clip in timeline, highlights a second later
  • trim a clip to a position, the trim will not register unless I hold there for a second more and wait for the thing to catch up
  • I avoid changing workspace layouts because of the massive delay
  • I take coffee breaks after hitting CTRL+M (export) because it takes so long for that dialog box to appear. Sometimes so long I wonder if I forgot to hit the keys.
  • The dialog box actually disappears sometimes and I have to click somewhere to make it reappear.

At least one account of someone having a similar experience (though I've read multiple) and this guy still had this problem with 32GB RAM:


These are issues I never encountered with my previous 2015 MacBook pro w/ AMD 370X. I only upgraded because that machine crashed continually when creating 4K proxies.

So! I'll break my question into a few paths:

  1. Does anyone have experience with this machine to confidently say:

      a) It did the same to me, junk it.

      b) This machine works great for me, just get a replacement.

  2. Are the specs fine, and the problem lies in Dell's configuration of them? So I can (somewhat) safely switch to similar specs in another brand?

     a) If so, I am open to confident recommendations based on current experience editing 1080p sequences (often with a healthy amount of GPU-accelerated effects) and creating 4K proxies without issue. Willing to spend at this price point and above to eliminate this time-wasting frustration, but I have to maintain the ability to travel.

    b) On the note of travel, I'm curious if anyone is using an adequate laptop for travel editing combined with an eGPU when needed?

Phew. Thanks for reading all this and I am really looking forward to feedback.






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