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Which CPU for using 3 adobe programs at the SAME time?

New Here ,
Jun 20, 2018 Jun 20, 2018

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Hello- would love some advice as I am researching my spec requirements for a custom PC build.

I work mainly with inDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop. A single project requires that I utilise all these programs, and for my work to flow I need to have them all open at the same time. I also work with some pretty large files, do a lot of research during the projects running 2 or 3 browsers with 40+ tabs open, play music etc.

Just to make things interesting I would also like to be able to do video editing and effects in the near future so it would be great to future proof if possible...

I'm looking at either an Intel i7 8086k limited edition 6 core at 4Ghz (5Ghz turbo) or possibly the intel Core X Series i9 7900X 10 Core 3.3Ghz (4.3Ghz Turbo)

I can find loads of speed tests that tell you which would be the best option (more cores or more speed) for each individual Adobe program you may use (whether they are even capable of utilising more cores obviously) but I can't find anything that tells me whether more cores is useful for running several programs at once.

Of course, it's not all about CPU- I will be looking at GPU, RAM and SSD to help cope with the strain!

Given these requirements I would love to know-

- which CPU is best- more speed or more cores?

- which GPUs should I look at?

- ideally how much RAM do I need?

- anything else I haven't considered?

Now I wouldn't say that my resources are unlimited, but I my company is willing to throw a decent amount of money at this considering it's my work and when programs are crashing and everything is hung in an action or export- work stops!

Your advice would be much appreciated






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