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Nov 17, 2019 Nov 17, 2019

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you know how databases are backed up and replicated in international companies ? You may not, but basically it's complicated. Like Ford wants to know what cars got sold in the U.S. ( and all over the world) so it can figure out what's left to sell before new models are coming out, stuff like that... so the servers ( there are many and they are located at many different places ) need to sorta 'synchronize' at times..and it has to happen very fast and accurately so the database doesn't get corrupted... like let's say two car dealers sell the exact same model at the exact same time and it gets posted at the exact same time...there needs to be ways to deal with all that ... and imagine how it is with financial instruments... exchanges, fiber optic trading, etc... 

I think this forum is sometimes laggy for me in MN.   Like I don't think I always SEE replies that have been made until later on or something... there seems to be some weird stuff going on even on that level, but at least I can understand the difficulty of doing that ..thing is, nobody knows half the time what's going on with Adobe cause it is determined to not let consumers know what it is planning or dealing with. You have to talk to secret emmisaries who you have to get 'permission' to share with users ... if a 'fix is in the works for X problem'... that sort of thing.. Its kinda dumb but I suppose it keeps rumors from starting.


Oh well, it is what it is... 

Now I just logged in just using my email address.. didn't ask for password... just logged right in... now anyone can log in just by putting that email in ??   Who knows...


If you hear something from me that is actually NICE than more than likely it wasn't ME who said it.'








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