Discontinuing Story without a migration path sets a poor precedent with your customers

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Dec 30, 2018 Dec 30, 2018

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So, I must be one of the 5 people that actually use this great product. Shame. I have written whole feature screenplays and TV shows in this program and I actually love it and use it more than any of your other products - even though I also work as a professional editor and compositor (I used to use After Effects and Premiere all the time) but, since Black Magic Design has encroached significantly on Adobe and Apple turf with Davinci Resolve, I have had little use for the entire CC suite - except for Adobe Story.

Has it not occurred to anyone at Adobe that integration of production pipelines (including photo editorial, animation, and commercials) begins with the word - with story ideas written in some fashion that gets the idea across - and that idea is carried through the entirety of a creative endeavors realization by a written script of some kind? The idea that you would abandon this amazing product is quite shocking and short-sighted - especially when it offers insight and intelligence into the construction of other similar pipeline management tools. Story could very well be a significant center of your product offering - but it looks like the Story development and business team at Adobe are essentially poorly fed red-headed step-children instead of a welcome force for integration and assimilation of your many semi disparate products.

I have used Adobe products since 1988... and this is by far the dumbest thing I have ever watched you do... Seriously... You are only lending credence to the issue that people have with cloud-based subscriptions. The argument against SAS apps (cloud-based in particular) is that vendors can unilaterally pull support without a data migration path ... and we then no longer have access to our data (through the software) or through a comparable service provider. Do you realize that you are undermining your own business model??? Do you just need someone competent to take over the Story dev path??? I volunteer - if you'll just continue to let me have the product for my uses... If the problem is that it isn't a profit center, we can fix that pretty quickly.

Drew Ravani

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