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Nov 17, 2019 Nov 17, 2019

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Fun post ... had some good chuckles.


Forum response times around the world ... jeepers ... it's relatively "good" here in the States, much of Europe. Leave there, it gets messier. The Australian folks are frequently waiting for freaking EVER for a simple page to completely fill ... and then a bit later, it's running fine again ... oh, wait, never mind ... it's slow again.


So for a few of the Aussies, between the new forum's major issues and their regular bizarre speedup/slowdown behavior ... well ... they've tried to resort to humor rather than axes. They have all my sympathy.


In my little town in Oregon, we've got very good "speed". I'm so grateful, as patience when web pages load slowly is not one of my stronger character traits.


But then again, re-creating workspaces continually in Premiere ain't no fun neither. So like anyone else, I'll be thrilled to get that GONE.









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