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Nov 18, 2019 Nov 18, 2019

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I can't post messages for some reason, so I kinda dwell with stuff and keep active a little.

This is the new THE BLOB test... from bmpcc ... and as you may or may not see it is UGLY.


I THINK it's the chip and cleaning stuff is in the mail ...


I will say that there are 'planes' in images. Their is also 'grain'. Grain can be beautiful, but dust and smudges are ugly. Flares ( like anamorphic) are 'fads' and also another plane ( on top of 3d image in 2d represenation). Being sorta perfectionist about stuff one tends to control these things for a purpose.

Remember using spot tone ( 1,2,3 ) to make B&W prints perfect when dust was on negative ?? That created a plane on top of image that was ugly unless it was fixed. Tiny little brushes, etc.  The BLOBS are ugly and I don't like them.


I am extremely bummed out.  Cleaner on way.


If, on top of everything else going on, I had to deal with stupid stuff cause an NLE is not working right, I would go bonkers.









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