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Jive I

Nov 17, 2019 Nov 17, 2019

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A lot of us users thought the old Jive forum had bad issues. Which it did. There have been calls for years to move to something better. And "we" users were told they were moving (finally) to a better forum software.


And yet, with the move, they went to something with FAR more "issues" than Jive had. Really ... I mean, that was not easy to do. They have fixed some of the worst things, I give them credit for that. But ... for launching here with a nearly unusable mess at first, and still not having resolved some major functional things ... "not the best handling of the situation" is being very polite. Which one should try to be in public.


The total posts are down with the new software from my experience. "Searching" for older information can be spotty or lacking. Some of the people who handled certain types of questions more than others have simply found this current forum too irritating or time consuming, and either spend less time helping or simply don't "pop in" at all.


And the ACPs as a group have been pretty direct about the frustrations for both those asking questions and those trying to help, across all the app forums from Photoshop through Dreamweaver, Illustrator, the whole shebang.


So ... yes, I think fewer questions are being asked ... some that are get plain lost in this system ... and some of the helpers are not "here" so much. I have my areas I'm comfortable helping in Premiere, a very few in AfterEffects. So I tend to offer questions or assistance for those things where I know something that might be helpful. As do many of the folks with ACP or MVP 'badges'. So when even a couple "regulars" pull back a bit, it can leave some types of questions hanging for a while.


Which is really poor beans for many users. Very frustrating. Very poor.








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