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OK! a professional approach is important!

Engaged ,
Sep 12, 2019 Sep 12, 2019

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OK! a professional approach is important!
But can we agree
that for the artist
the product manager
and the developers is true!
There are also enough things that are not on the Artist!
There are enough bad points that make it difficult for the artist.
I do not want to go into details, but you can visit us and we'll show you that.

Furthermore. Detached from editing.
Look at the whole thing once as an admin.
Who from ADOBE came up with these license terms?
Do the ADOBE managers know the market of your customers?
They think we all work in small companies with 5x artists or
for broadcast companies with 1000x licenses.
In between is an empty one.

Nobody at ADOBE thinks about information security!
The ADOBE Product Pallete is not for customers who should pay attention to data security!
The client has to do the work that the ADOBE managers do not do.
I am in favor of the ADOBE being tested by the EU and our customers for ISO 27001 / TISAX.
Then we do not need to deal with the problems of rumbling.
Then the ADOBE managers get high pulse.

In Germany, the software for companies of the German automotive industry is not einzbar, if one adheres to the specifications of the VDA.
If you say that to an ADOBE Manger, he will deny that.
If you look at how the ADOBE processes and license terms are,
And this is vergelicht with the specifications of the German auto industry but that is so. No Photoshop, no Ilustrator no Premiere no After Effects etc. ...
Therefore, a software made for professionals,
also has licenses for professionals,
as long as you do not have that,
are you with
"Premiere Pro is meant for professionals"
not right






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