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Pratt and "Art"

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Nov 18, 2019 Nov 18, 2019

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I went to Pratt for art and majored in photography, and being into 'art' there was a certain subtle ability re: being able to deal with color and tone and so on.. you know.. like " art " with a big A

The spot stuff were tones and you had to mix it with water as per necessary match... so you used a photo paper to test it before using it on the actual print you were fixing..it's not that hard.. just do it in increments, similar to color and tonal corrections with NLE now.  Don't rush. Test, compare, keep going. Took tons of time though... especially with those tiny little sable brushes that you licked with tongue to get to a pointed brush shape.

In those days everything took time and time respected what took time, cause the product was pretty good. I am worried about all the automated short cuts now,, the loss of patience and willingness to spend time doing nice work these days... and that's why I'll stay with resolve 15 cause the next thing is starting to automate stuff to get users of PPro away from that market share pie.  Is basically simple. You take selfies? We got you covered. You take 'Posies' ( new word for when you pose and someone else shoots ), we got you covered. You shoot many different formats and frame rates ? We got you covered. It's insane.


I'm sure hoping my cleaning kit works on the chip cause otherwise I'm gonna throw it out the window along with the new lens and just go back to the nikon.








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