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Truly intriguing this human interaction thing

Community Expert ,
Nov 17, 2019 Nov 17, 2019

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Truly intriguing this human interaction thing.


I've been quite comfortable with telling quite a few users over the last few years that for what they need, different software is the better choice ... including Resolve. As I say repeatedly, these things are just tools. Fancy hammers. You like Resolve a lot, as do many friends and acquaintances. Great. Work away. And let the Adobe development team know why you're working with Resolve rather than Premiere while you're at it. The UserVoice system goes right to the engineering team and in collated form to the managers who decide budgets.


I'd love your to tell them why you prefer Resolve, all the things it does better. Let them know what you don't like about Premiere. More info, more data, more better. BlackMagic has been putting a ton of work into Resolve, and has brought that app's capabilities outside of color a long way in a hurry. Competition being the best thing for the users ... that's good. Let the Premiere folks know where you find their failures.


And the Resolve team are making some changes now that might, by the next version, make it more interesting for me to use. If so, I'll certainly do so.


The comments I made on what the Premiere team is working on were simply passing on what I think a lot of users would like to know. Information shared with a group of the ACP's ... us folk that help on the forums here. And what we were told to pass along. Essentially, who's doing what, what they're doing, and that they are taking the problems they do have seriously.


But you have a major problem with that. Wow. With all the comments out and about the 'net about what discusssions various people had with Adobe staffers at MAX, you get ticked at such things shared here?


A fair amount of the people I know routinely attend NAB and MAX  or IBC, and they go up and talk with the Adobe staff who are very publicly available for anyone to approach. Hundreds of people that talk to the staffers yearly at such events. Much of the time, you have to stand in line as so many people are talking with them. So somehow I don't see that as being that "special" as you seem to do.










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