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Workarounds for handling iPhone HLG footage is too frustrating for editors

Participant ,
Jan 13, 2022 Jan 13, 2022

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Welcome to the nightmare. Before you go to bed tonight, get down on your knees and PRAY you aren't one of the special Adobe users that get THIS response from Adobe Sr. Sr Tier 2 Tech support when these workarounds don't actually allow for a decent export (and this is a direct quote from Adobe as of 3 minutes ago when I checked in to ask why my set appt with Sr Sr Tier 2 didn't happen at 10 am as promised:


"Thank you for your time and patience. I understand as I have checked and we have a response from the team regards to your case and the issue you are facing is a known issue and currently the team is still working on to fix this. They are checking with older version as well to know what can be the issue. So I would request you to please wait till the next patch update of the application which can fix the issue you are facing."


I hope Neil's amazing workarounds will help in your situation. He's a true gem of a human being and SO smart and knowledgeable. And if you're lucky, you have a work setup that will allow for the workarounds to actually work.

If you're like me - kiss the income goodbye while Adobe figures this crap out and tells us to put up and shut up. It's been a painful few months. But i'm HOPING you're one the lucky ones who has a computer that isn't too old or too new (which both seem to flummox Premiere, as I've tried to use both, to no avail).






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