December 2020 After Effects Community Recap

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Jan 08, 2021 Jan 08, 2021

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Community Highlight:


Hey, community. Happy New Year!


Mo Moolla.jpgIn this edition, we want to give a shout-out to our community superstar, Mohamed Moolla (Mo Moolla). Mohamed Moolla is the founder and CEO at Inet Media Visual Studios — a privately owned post-production studio in South Africa that specializes in post-production, visual effects, CG, sound design, and other production services for projects ranging from music videos to feature films. Mo has years of experience in the media industry beginning as a post-production specialist, visual effects supervisor, lecturer, and finally graduated to become creative director. As a lecturer, he has custom designed curriculums as well as fine-tuned courses that had fallen behind dynamically, injecting new life into sterile course content. He has worked with large clients and agencies including Audi, BMW, BP, BAT, Pfizer, and more. Mo has been an Adobe Community Professional (ACP) for a few years and contributes actively in multiple product communities.


Top three troubleshooting topics from December:


1. Wacom Intuos failure in After Effects

Some of our users have reported that their Wacom tablet stops working after using it for a few minutes in After Effects. We're investigating this issue. If you're interested to work with the After Effects team directly in resolving this problem, send a private message to Rameez Khan.

2. How to fix "Display Acceleration Disabled" in After Effects

Follow the troubleshooting steps given in this article to fix this problem - How to fix Display Acceleration Disabled

3. Can't add CSV file to timeline


Top three how-to topics from December:


1. How to get an equivalent of the ‘Continuously Raster’ function on the precomposed layers?

2. What's the normal way to do this walking guy animation?

3. How to advance to the in and out "B" & "N"?


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