CF PMT (2021) in kubernetes

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Feb 01, 2021 Feb 01, 2021

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I am wondering if anyone found success running CF Performance Monitoring Toolset (2021 specifically) in kubernetes.  I am asking about two things specifically:

- Were you able to get autodiscover to work?  I think I am having an issue with multicast and RKE with multiple nodes.  I believe this to be a networking issue and NOT a PMT issue, since autodiscover works great for me in Dev (single kubernetes node).

- Is there any option for updating the password for PMT at container runtime?  I looked at the official docker image but didn't see a way to set a user/password via env var.  I did see a bin/ but it seams to be a TUI script and from a quick glance it doesn't take a user/pass as arguments.

Beyond updating the password, I wasn't able to find any options for updating PMT configurations in an automated fashion, besides the handful of env vars from the official container image (which I am using and did help me), but maybe I missed a file/document somewhere for configuring other things.  An example would be setting alerts and mail settings.  I did troll through the resources for PMT, and the PMT webinar was very helpful in getting it going locally in dev.  I appreciate any insight!









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