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Jan 08, 2015 Jan 08, 2015

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OK, I got CF 11 set up with IIS with Distributed Mode.  All set after lots of searching and posting to this Forum.  Thanks for that but now I have two new problems I need to get resolved.

Seems simple enough, but I got Multi-Homing set up via the server.xml in Tomcat side, but when you enter the domain only ( you get "You do not have permission to view this directory or page." wand if you enter /index.cfm at end of URL all works as expected.  Very Troubling.

I have attempted these things already:  WEB-INF/web.xml to define welcome pages and no luck.  Read a few posts with similar issues on CF9 but not answers.  Just wondering how to over come issue here.

Send issue, is communication to site is over HTTPS via SSL.  Not a problem, right.  Well communication between IIS server (in DMZ) to CF server (inside firewall) is not encrypted.  Determined by packet sniffer.  I am open to any comments or suggestions on how to resolve this issue, PLEASE.

Thank you.

Matthew C Parks







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