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Apple Mac Users Avoid Latest Updates

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Dec 20, 2020 Dec 20, 2020

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I installed the update for Camera Raw (v 13.1), Lightroom Classic (v 10.1) and Photoshop (v 22.1) in early December when these came out and the Creative Cloud app. advised they were available and ready to install. The first time I used Camera Raw I did a shift double click on the whites slider (to automatically adjust it) and the entire iMac froze - no ability to force a quit and eventually the message appears that the system will shut down. I reverted to the previous Camera Raw and this resolved the issue. Yesterday I used Lightroom (with its bizarrely smaller sized icon) and as soon as I opened the crop tool in Develop the system froze in the same fashion as Camera Raw. I reverted to the previous LR and that resolved the issue. I've seen similar posts in several of the communities on here. 

The big question I must ask as a retired IT professional is : What happened in testing ? This sort of massive error is unacceptable. If a check list of the most commonly used features within each pacakge had to be satisfied before a new version is released then this wouldn't take place. For the last 18 months or so I've noticed that each new release of PS has failed to render a video. Each time I've had to use an online chat and each time the resolution has been different : install After Effects as a trial - it loads required drivers, power cycle and kill any adobe tasks in system monitor and power cycle again,  turn on legacy compositing (not an option any more) as legacy compositing is required to render video. 

This sort of problem never used to happen, in my experience, so I think someone in authority needs to take a long, hard look at what's causing these issues within Adobe.

It would also be of great benefit if a more transparent approach could be adopted so if a new release is causing potential problems warn us end users BEFORE we commit to it.

Finally I want to add that I've been taking Photographs for over 50 years, I've developed films in chemicals, produced prints with an enlarger and spent 5 hours to get a final image that turns out to be out of focus and wondered why I'd bothered ! The Adobe 'tools' should be excatly that - a tool to assist in the production of our images and not be hindrance, just like a carpenter uses a hammer - not good if the head flies off !

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