Managing your Membership FAQ: How do I cancel my Creative Cloud, Acrobat, or Document Cloud PDF membership?

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Aug 13, 2015 Aug 13, 2015

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FAQ: How do I cancel my Creative Cloud, Acrobat, or Document Cloud PDF membership?

If you wish to cancel, please see the document for the plan you wish to cancel:

Cancel your Creative Cloud membership.

Cancel your membership to Acrobat or Document Cloud PDF

Cancel your Stock membership

We are sorry to hear that you wish to cancel.  If you're having technical difficulties preventing use of your membership, please contact our support team here: Contact Us.  Please make sure to log into http://www.adobe.com/ with the Adobe ID that is tied to your membership prior to contacting our support team.

Subscription terms can be found here:  Adobe - Subscription Terms

If you cancel your Creative Cloud membership, you will continue to have access to Creative Cloud member free benefits, and if you saved your work to your computer you will continue to have access to those files on your own device. You will no longer have access to the Creative Cloud desktop applications or most of the services that are components of a Creative Cloud membership, and your allowed cloud storage will be reduced to 2GB. If you’re using more than 2 GB of storage, you will not be able to upload any new files to the cloud until the amount of online space used in your account drops below your allotted amount. If you are over your storage limit, you have 90 days to reduce your online usage or you may lose access to some or all of your files saved on the Creative Cloud servers.

If you had placed an order via Digital River, please see the cancellation workflow as per the document: Ajuda do Document Cloud | Cancelar a associação ou assinatura | Serviços do Document Cloud PDF, Acro...

You can see answers to other frequently asked Creative Cloud questions here:

Creative_Cloud FAQ forum








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