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Stock FAQ: What are the search options in Adobe Stock?

Adobe Employee ,
Mar 19, 2018 Mar 19, 2018

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FAQ: What are the search options in Adobe Stock?

Adobe Stock allows you to search for the file in many ways.

You can enter the keywords for your search and even the file number; if you remember it.

There is an option for selecting the types of assets you want the search to be confined to as below:

Untitled.png   Untitled.png 

You may also select on the orientation/ color as per the requirements.  If you need to include/exclude people, you can do that by simply clicking on the appropriate boxes available in the filter options.


Additionally, you can also try to search for the files using the camera option and uploading the related image that matches your search.

Recently, a new Stock search feature was enabled for all the users called the Boolean search.

Input keywords as:

tiger AND lion >> you will see many images with tiger and lion or images with keywords of both tiger and lion

football not soccer, football -soccer, football - soccer >> all three will give you football only excluding any asset with soccer keyword in it

For more details please refer to Boolean Search is now available for all Adobe Stock users!

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