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Dreamweaver 2017.0.1 is now live

Adobe Employee ,
Dec 19, 2016 Dec 19, 2016

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Hi all,

This release of Dreamweaver contains an important update to the code customization feature. You can now create and customize code themes, based on the default Light and Dark themes. You can then customize the code colors by modifying the right selectors in the theme file.

Other than that, there have been HiDPI fixes. While Dreamweaver is not fully HiDPI compliant, most issues on HiDPI are addressed in the latest update.

Critical bugs in the Find and Replace dialog have been addressed with this release. However, the fully updated dialog box will be available later next year.

Am copying the list of Known Issues and Fixes from Dreamweaver Help | Known issues and defects fixed in Dreamweaver CC 2017 releases

Known issues in Dreamweaver CC 2017 update (17.0.1)

  • You cannot rename a user defined code theme on Windows operating systems, if the system user name contains non-ASCII characters.
  • Auto compilation is not triggered on file save for newly created/copied partials in current site.
  • Generated CSS files for SASS/Less are not auto pushed to remote server though the preference "Automatically upload files to server on Save" is selected in Site Setup.
  • [Windows only]: Slight offset seen while using Quick Edit in Hi-DPI monitors.
  • Defects fixed in Dreamweaver CC 2017 update (17.0.1)

Dreamweaver CC 2017 (December update) contains fixes for the following issues:

  • [Windows only]: Fixed UI layout issues on HiDPI screens, such as the Preferences window that overflowed visible screen area.
  • HTML entities in JavaScript and JSON are overwritten with symbols on file reopen after save.
  • [Mac only]: Clicking on OK button in "Configure RDS Server" dialog was not saving RDS settings
  • Custom file extensions added in MMDocumentTypes.xml are opened as plain text files without code coloring.
  • The @rules in CSS are not colored differently from classes or ID selectors.
  • ID and class code hints are not displayed on typing . or # in related CSS files.
  • Cursor position in Code-Code view and Code Inspector was not independent and clicking on either of the views was syncing IP position in both code windows.
  • On applying code formatting for shorthand PHP blocks, syntax is broken.
  • In Korean and Japanese locales, compound characters disappear while typing and clicking outside current IP position or pressing Spacebar.
  • [Windows only]: Selected path for Compass config.rb is suffixed with / in Site Setup->CSS Prerprocessor->Compass
  • Selecting Hyperlink in Insert menu does not insert Hyperlink in code.
  • User selected font in Preferences->Font is not applied in Code view.
  • Focus is lost from Code View on clicking the Tag Selector.
  • Pressing Ctrl/Cmd++ or Ctrl/Cmd+- in Code view does not zoom in or zoom out code font size.
  • On clicking the Replace All button in the Find and Replace dialog, Dreamweaver does not replace all matching instances in template files.
  • [Windows only]: Skip and Add Next Match to Selection keyboard shortcut does not function.
  • Dreamweaver CC 2017 does not automatically save open documents if you retain preferences while upgrading from Dreamweaver CC 2015.

I am locking this document to have focused discussions on this update in more relevant threads.








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