How do I revert to a previous version of Flash Player?

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Jun 12, 2012 Jun 12, 2012

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While we always recommend using the latest version of Flash Player, sometimes problems are encountered in a new release that were not present in a previous release.  If you are unable to work around these problems and they block functionality you rely on, rolling back to a previous version might be required until an update is made available.  This FAQ will walk you through the steps required for reverting back to a previous version of Flash Player.

Please note that Google Chrome provides it's own version of Flash Player.  For more details on this, along with instructions for using a version other than the default with Chrome, please see: Flash Player with Google Chrome.

Windows video tutorial

Please click here for an HTML5 version of this video: YouTube HTML5 HD Link

Macintosh video tutorial

Please click here for an HTML5 version of this video: YouTube HTML5 HD Link

1. Follow the steps in the "How do I do a clean install of Flash Player" FAQ, but stop at the end before installing the most recent version

2. Install the latest Flash Player ESR release.

The Flash Player ESR release provides a player with all known security patches applied.

If downloading from the Flash Player archives, please note that you will be downloading a .zip file that will contain installers for all operating systems.

  1. Unzip the archive and navigate into the appropriate folder (you can safely ignore the folder that ends with "_debug").
  2. Run the appropriate installer for your operating system and browser.
    • If installing for Internet Explorer, run the installer with "winax" in the file name.
    • For Windows, running the executable that ends with .exe is recommended.
  3. When presented with the dialog that allows you to select your update method, select "Notify me to install updates".








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