Where can I find the "Extended Support Release" of Flash Player for Windows or Macintosh?

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Aug 10, 2011 Aug 10, 2011

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Flash Player Announcement:

ATTENTION: Important Changes to Extended Support Release

The Extended Support Release was originally created to help minimize the time IT administrators spend certifying a new Flash Player release, by restricting the number of changes introduced in a given release to only security changes and critical functional fixes.  At the time, functional changes far outweighed the number of security fixes included with each release of Flash Player.  In the modern security landscape; however, the opposite is true and the combination of proactive and responsive security mitigations far outweigh functional changes.  In practice, the ESR no longer insulates IT organizations from the vast majority of changes included in the standard Flash Player release, providing little relief in terms of reduced functional risk.  As a result, we have decided to discontinue the ESR branch and instead focus solely on the standard release.  Focusing on the standard release allows us to be more agile in response scenarios, and to focus more deeply on both testing and new security engineering efforts moving forward.

To permit organizations sufficient time for testing and certification, the ESR will be maintained and updated until October 11, 2016, after which point organizations will need to transition to the standard release.


Previous announcement:

On August 11th, 2015 the "extended support release" version was updated to Flash Player 18 for Mac and Windows.  For full details, please see this blog post: Upcoming changes to Flash Player’s extended support release


We recommend that you download Flash Player from our main page, but if you encounter difficulties and require the 18 release, here are direct links to the installers.


Flash Player 18 for Internet Explorer (Windows 7 and prior)

Flash Player 18 for Firefox and other NPAPI-based browsers


Flash Player 18 for Safari, Firefox, and other NPAPI-based browsers

Please note:  By default, Flash Player's auto update system is enabled which can cause an update to occur within an hour.  To stay on the 18 release, you will need to change this update mechanism to either "Notify me to install updates" or "Never check for updates (not recommended)".  This can be done at the time of installation or later via the Flash Player control panel's Advanced tab.

Once changed, we strongly recommend that you monitor our Flash Player announcements forum so that you can be made aware of security updates that are made available.  Please see the FAQ below for more details.

Is there a way to be automatically notified when a new Flash Runtime release is made?








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