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Structured FrameMaker: When to use <TEXT> in a general rule

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May 03, 2021 May 03, 2021

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Re: The Enter key in a structured document - Adobe Support Community - 12010203 describes how <TEXT> in a general rule can affect the result of pressing the Enter key when editing a structured document.


There are other considerations in the use of <TEXT>:


1. Will you be moving material between structured FrameMaker and XML? Remember that the XML equivalent of a general rule that includes of <TEXT>, must either contain only <TEXT> and no elements, or have the form (<TEXT> | a | b | c ...)*, that is if the expression contains any element names, <TEXT> must be at the beginning and the entire expression must consist of a single set of parentheses using the  vertical bar connector and an asterisk at the end.  Thus, the defined element can consist of any number of the listed elements, with text allowed at the beginning, between each pair of elements, and at the end. This It is possible to move documents between FrameMaker and XML if the definition of such an element in FrameMaker has a different form than it does in XML. However, if you are receiving XML content, be aware that such an element can be valid in XML but not in FrameMaker. To paraphrase, such an element in XML may not follow the restrictions that FrameMaker enforce. Furthermore, if you edit the general rule in FrameMaker and then generate an XML DTD from it, you will probably have to hand edit the version in the DTD after each change.


2. Allowing both elements and <TEXT> in an element works well for an element that is formatted as a single FrameMaker paragraph, such as a title, paragraph, or list item when the possible subelements are always a text range, possibly with a font change. Be careful about allowing text between paragraphs because such text might be all white space that can produce unexpected spacing between visible content.








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