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Illustrator Newsletter - February 2022

Adobe Employee ,
Feb 14, 2022 Feb 14, 2022

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Feb newsletter_Twitter.png


The Adobe Community Team wishes a blessed February to all of you. 


In this edition of the newsletter, you will find links to tutorials, quick tips, and a feature on one of our favorite ACPs (Adobe Community Professional), Doug A Roberts. For previous versions of the newsletter, see Adobe Illustrator Newsletter Home page.

ACP Highlight

Doug A Roberts joined the Adobe community on ‎‎July 5, 2011. As a team, we have benefited hugely and continue to learn from Doug’s power of observation and interrogation. Thank you for your precision, Doug and for being a guiding light for our users on the community. The community continues to learn and benefit from your presence. 


Let's know more about Doug in his own words:- 


Probably like most people in the '90s, my introduction to Adobe products was via Photoshop. My dad was a graphic designer, so I had access to Photoshop, QuarkXPress, Illustrator, Freehand and others at home since my early teens and got used to both playing around with them and using them for schoolwork. Photoshop always seemed the most fun; playing around with real images was (and is) addictive. But at some point after my studies ended I became an illustrator, and thus had to quickly learn Illustrator!

My first proper job was producing technical illustrations of automotive parts (occasionally, my current job still is too), and though I knew the basics of Illustrator's tools, I had to rapidly become an expert. Fortunately I had a permissive boss who allowed me great leeway to spend time figuring out different ways of doing things -- some of them entirely unrelated to my role -- and in the process I began to spend time on the Illustrator forum. Initially I asked questions, but eventually I found myself answering them, sometimes compulsively, in a manner that mirrored the situation at my job: soon I was (informally) teaching Illustrator to others rather than learning it.

I've since moved into elearning and dabbled in lots of other software, but always tried to keep Illustrator central to my practice as much as I can.

Outside of work I don't really use software creatively -- I'm happier with pencil or charcoal and paper, though it seems increasingly hard to find the time to spend on that sort of thing as I get older!


You can find my (very occasional) articles on various bits of Illustrator, along with some of my paintings and drawings here: https://happyrainbow.art/


Behance Live Stream Update


Most of us already know Monika. She is not only one of top contributors, she is among Illustrator’s most prolific contributors in the Adobe community. 

Rufus Deuchler is our Director for Worldwide Creative Cloud Evangelism. His expertise with the Adobe products is totally reflected in his artwork.



Check out their recent collaboration on behance livestream on creating artwork from Single Anchor Point. Subscribe to Adobe live for more upcoming sessions.         



Adobe Illustrator update 26.0.3

The Adobe Illustrator version 26.0.3  brings to you the following stability and performance-related fixes. Click here for more information.

Trending Issues


  • Issue:- Pen Pressure not working
    Action:- Bug has been logged with our engineering team for further investigation.
    Workaround:- If you have Illustrator 2020, you can continue using that. 


  • Issue:- Unable to open DXF/ DWG files in Illustrator. Error 2067
    Action:- Bug has been logged with our engineering team for further investigation.
    Next steps:- Open you files in version 2020 and resave the files in Illustrator's native format.


Note: If you don't have that version, please send a DM to Anshul Saini or me



  • How to Create Wavy Words in Adobe Illustrator.



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