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Photoshop 22.4.3: scratch disk issue, huge temp file using Healing Brush

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Jul 22, 2021 Jul 22, 2021

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I'm using Mac OS 11.4, Photoshop 22.4.3, 64GB RAM, 400GB free on internal disk and 120GB free on external disk.

I set History States to "1" , Auto Save is off, RAM set to 50GB.


Usually I'm working with an 80-150Mb .psd file, resolution 6000px X 4000px, normal image from a digital camera. 


While I'm working on a single layer document everything is ok, there is a small temp file, and Photoshop cleans up the scratch disk after the file is closed. When I create more than one layer and use Healing Brush(legacy mode), I experience super quick scratch disc usage, in a few minutes the temp file increases to 30GB and then 400GB disk space is completely filled after 30 minutes. And it does not clean-up scratch disk after the file is closed, it's clean-up scratch disk only after Photoshop reload.


I don't get this issue on Windows, only on Mac OS.


I tried: few Photoshop versions, set internal and external disk for scratch, reinstall Photoshop, manually remove all settings folders, reset all settings to a default, multiply variation of setting under performance tab.


Can someone on Mac OS try to recreate this issue. Simply set History States to "1", turn off "Auto Save". Then open any image and duplicate layer  and start working on it with Healing Brush(legacy mode on). You can monitor the Scratch indicator at the bottom of the screen, it should stop changing after you duplicate the layer and make a few strokes. If it continues changing, then there is an issue.


Thank you!









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