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Recursive function to get layers with nested groups in ActionManager

Community Expert ,
May 18, 2020 May 18, 2020

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Sometimes in ActionManager we need to get the structure of all layers of a document, taking into account the relative arrangement of layers and nested groups. I came across this task several times, but could not find a suitable solution and turned to the DOM functions.

Maybe someone will come in handy my solution to this problem using recursive function:


#target photoshop

s2t = stringIDToTypeID;
t2s = typeIDToStringID;

(r = new ActionReference()).putProperty(s2t('property'), p = s2t('hasBackgroundLayer'));
r.putEnumerated(s2t('document'), s2t('ordinal'), s2t('targetEnum'))
var indexFrom = executeActionGet(r).getBoolean(p) ? 0 : 1;

(r = new ActionReference()).putProperty(s2t('property'), p = s2t('numberOfLayers'));
r.putEnumerated(s2t('document'), s2t('ordinal'), s2t('targetEnum'))
var indexTo = executeActionGet(r).getInteger(p);

var layers = {}
parseLayerSets(indexFrom, indexTo, layers)

function parseLayerSets(from, to, parentObj) {
    for (var i = from; i <= to; i++) {
        (r = new ActionReference()).putProperty(s2t('property'), p = s2t('layerSection'));
        r.putIndex(s2t("layer"), i)
        var section = t2s(executeActionGet(r).getEnumerationValue(p))

        if (section == 'layerSectionEnd') {
            i = parseLayerSets(i + 1, to, parentObj[i] = {})

        // get prorerties of layer here and put it to object
        var properties = {};
        (r = new ActionReference()).putProperty(s2t('property'), p = s2t('layerID'));
        r.putIndex(s2t("layer"), i);
        properties.id = executeActionGet(r).getInteger(p);

        (r = new ActionReference()).putProperty(s2t('property'), p = s2t('name'));
        r.putIndex(s2t("layer"), i);
        properties.name = executeActionGet(r).getString(p)

        if (section == 'layerSectionStart') {
            for (o in properties) { parentObj[o] = properties[o] }
            return i;
        } else { parentObj[i] = properties }


 (if someone has a better solution, I will be glad if you publish it)

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