Organizer 2020 cannot import contacts from vcf file with multiple entries, fails importing files

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Jun 07, 2020 Jun 07, 2020

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For emailing, we need to import contacts since 2020 does not hook up to system (WINDOWS 10) emailer. Email programs export contacts to a single  vcf file containing multiple vcards (the vcard syntax is designed for this). However, when importing such a file into Organizer contacts, Elements 2020 only imports the first contact from the file and then quits.

So I spent some time to break a properly constructed multiple-entry vcard file into multiple files, one for each vcard. Now when I attempt to import contacts from those vcf files, by selecting all of them and "Open", the import process hangs with a modal dialog: "Elements Organizer\nUpdating..." which has been 5% done for the last 30 minutes. 

I suspect I will have to kill the failed Organizer process and ultimately have no way to import contacts. The vcf file syntax appears to be correct and Organizer was able to import one address correctly from the multiple-entry file with the same syntax.

What could be going wrong?

EDIT: the problem seems to be the number of filenames selected. If I select 3 vcf files, it works. With 707 files selected, it hangs.

EDIT #2: I imported 25 vcard files successfully (importing 100 fails, importing 50 fails). When I tried to import the next 25 vcard files into the contact book, the import process hung again irretrievably. So there seems to be a real bug in contact book import. 

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