FAQ: How do I contact Adobe Support?

Adobe Employee ,
Mar 01, 2016 Mar 01, 2016

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There are three ways to get support at Adobe.

  • Forums
  • Chat
  • Phone

Scroll down for instructions on how to contact us via one of those methods:



  • User to user assistance with limited assistance from Adobe.
  • Often is the fastest option for support.
  • Always available.
  • Click here to begin a Premiere Pro forum post (you will need your Adobe ID info).
    • In the upper right corner, click "Post to Community."
    • Create a title for your post which briefly describes your issue.
    • Type in the issue you are having, including detailed notes about your case, media, and computer system.
    • Click "Post."
    • Your discussion is posted to the forum.
    • These are user-to-user forums, so please know that colleagues are helping you.



  • Adobe provides chat support from specially trained Adobe agents.
  • Limited wait time, but faster than phone support.
  • Available for Premiere Pro Creative Cloud customers.
    • Limited availability, 5 AM to 7 PM PST hours, weekdays only.
    • Guarantees a response from Adobe.
    • Click here to begin a chat.
    • See if any of the links may help you before initiating the chat.
    • If not, click the white button in the lower right of the page.
    • The chat interface will launch for you to type your issue into.


  • Phone:
    • Adobe provides "one on one" support from specially trained Adobe agents.
    • Longer wait times.
    • Available for Creative Cloud customers only.
    • Limited availability, PST hours, weekdays only.
    • Click here to begin a phone call.
    • Click on the link to allow other contact options in the resulting window.
    • A phone number appears in the resulting window.







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