Premiere Pro Community Digest — October 2020 & MAX

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Nov 10, 2020 Nov 10, 2020

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Premiere Pro Community Digest

Hey there Premiere Pro Community! Here are your community highlights for October 2020. 


Thanks for Attending Adobe MAX 2020!Thanks for Attending Adobe MAX 2020!Retrospective: Adobe MAX 2020: I hope that many of you were able to attend the very first virtual Adobe MAX held on October 20-22. It was super exciting to see the event fly so high in generating excitement and interest in audio and video workflows, products, and stories almost like in real life. Some of the best sessions were available for the whole world to watch. Like this one: Casey Neistat: How to Realize Your Creativity | Adobe MAX



Let's recap.

  • Along with other digital video and audio applications was the release of Premiere Pro 14.5, which includes GPU hardware decoding for H.264 plus the following new features.
  • Announcements of Premiere Pro Beta features and roadmap that is includes speech to text and new captioning workflow.
  • A ton of video and audio production workshops were available at MAX, in addition to other applications to make sure you're getting the most out of your Creative Cloud subscription. Over 350 in all! The good news? Most of those sessions are still available to view. So, feel free to watch all those sessions you didn't get a chance to the first time around here: MAX 2020 Sessions.
  • Adobe Stock: announced that some Adobe Stock assets including digital video clips are being made available free to users.

Premiere Pro Team Blog Posts: In October, there were some Premiere Pro Team blog posts you may have missed. Here are some links to the pertinent articles.

PPRO_01.jpgNew Features: Adobe Premiere Pro (14.5)

Performance Enhancement: GPU based decoding for H.264/HEVC

Performance Enghancement: Faster Audio Preroll
Color Managment for ARRI ProRes
Support for Rec2100 PQ Color Space

Import Support for ProRes RAW

ProRes RAW to Log Colorspace Conversion


PPRO_03.jpgBeta Features: Adobe Premiere Pro Beta

Quick Export

Captions Workflow 

Early access to a new Speech to Text Feature


TroubleshootingTroubleshootingTop Troubleshooting Threads

  1. FAQ: How to solve issues related to undocked panels in Premiere Pro v14.5? This is a bug that is affecting editors using custom layouts and are often using dual screens. The issue manifests itself in a number of ways, like keyboard shortcuts not working, the inability to drag files to bins from Explorer/Finder, Replace Edit from a bin, moving clips around the timeline, and even more unexpected behavior. Resetting the layout or using a stock window layout can help you work around this issue. It is fixed and being tested for an upcoming release.
  2. Premiere Pro not Opening Legacy Projects: See this thread for an example of the issue that's been reaching editors these past couple of versions, in particular. Trashing Preferences seems to fix this issue, as does importing the legacy project into a brand new project. 
  3. FAQ: How to clear your cache in Premiere Pro 2020 :We know you've heard it before, but since we are seeing a new version on an average of once per month, this is your monthly reminder to clear media cache before beginning a new 14.x project. More importantly, if are updating a legacy project to this version. Make sure to do by first choosing File > All Projects Closed and then going into Preferences > Media Cache to finish the job. Our resident tech guru, Dave Helmly suggests you do this, as well. See Dave's article on the topic, too. Sorry to be such a nag.
  4. Accelerate Editing in Premiere Pro: The linked video below features Jason Levine, Matt Bach from Puget Systems and our own Caroline Sears! Not exactly troubleshooting, but good preventive measures are behind good performance, which prevents problems or unexpected behavior from occurring.

Cool New How-to Content

Here are some great new "How To" technique threads, videos, and other stuff you may find interesting. If you have a cool tutorial or technique to share with the community, please drop Kevin a message.

The Basics of Audio Editing in Adobe Premiere Pro CC Tutorial (How to Levels, Sync, Effects etc.)

By Justin Odisho

Text Reveal walk by effect in Premiere Pro 2020

By Vegard Heyerdahl


Animated Title Crawl / News Tickers in Premiere Pro
By Colin Smith at Video Revealed

Ann Bens - Premiere Pro ACP & ExpertAnn Bens - Premiere Pro ACP & ExpertFeatured ACP - Ann Bens

I would like to give our Premiere Pro community superstar, Ann Bens, a special commendation. At nearly 40,000 posts, Ann Bens is the most prolific contributor on DVA forums. She is also has been an ACE for Premiere Pro CS2, CS6, and now for CC. Ann is so welcoming to our users, especially to those new to the community. Her answers are short and to the point, which most people really appreciate. As she says, she is “a non-professional with a hobby that has gone way out of hand.” 


Thank you so much, Ann. You are appreciated!

Premiere Pro Community Digest








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