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List of Ideas for Export Mode in Premiere 2023

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Nov 24, 2022 Nov 24, 2022

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It's ok to update the interface to make it more convenient, 

but it's strange to redesign it, just to make it uncomfortable and buggy.


Here is the list of strange behaviors, that occurs to me frequently,

since the new export interface was introduced. 

I would also suggest a couple improvements along the way.

- The preset that has an FTP setting in it, delivers to FTP, 

even if I select "media file" destination only. 

(sometimes it works normally, and does not deliver to FTP)


- If you have typed a file name in "media file" and decided to disable “media file” later, 

it will not save your file name if you re-enable it.


- Sometimes for no reason the preset outputs wrong resolution and bitrate, 

but does the correct output on the next render. This is not acceptable at all. 

Have to double check all my renders now.


- It would be cool that the preset would save also output range method, 

for example "work area", or "source in/out".

It's easy to output the wrong range if the project came from another editor 

that used a different output export range than me previously.

I think that the preset should be for everything, 

not just for some portion of settings.


- Sometimes if you have some window detached and you open export window, 

the detached window could stay on top of export window and be unresponsive, 

so you can't get rid of it.


- It would be nice if a preset could save an output folder also, 

or switch to default if it doesn't exist on a particular machine.


- Why the bitrate setting was moved to "more settings" and 

to the bottom of the page, so you have to scroll to find it, is beyond me.


- If you make a queue from Premiere to Media Encoder and close a 

Premiere immediately after the progress bar finishes, it will lose a project and it will 

never arrive to Media Encoder.


- The whole export interface now generally requires more clicking, 

and I don't care if the trend is that Davinci Resolve now counts as cool, 

and one should adapt to it. If I would like to use Davinci, I would use Davinci, 

not Premiere.


- The export interface is laggy, like If I had a Celeron of some sort, not Core-i9.

It only operates with text - it should be fast like MS Word 🙂


- Please, make an option to view the rendered output not only in Media Encoder, but also in Premiere, and make a preview a bit larger, so it would be possible to check the titles for possible misspellings and video rendering problems.


I bet there are many other things that I forgot, but for now, 

Please consider these improvements. I have been using Premiere for 15 years, 

and this export window as well as the  “new project” window is a pain!

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