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Text Effects Ad ins with metal, bevelling and or shaping, solid woods, liquids and stronger AI.

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Mar 10, 2024 Mar 10, 2024

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More plug-ins or a more dynamic shaper with 3D view of first letter that then migrates to the whole title or text phrase. Using AI to implement any type of wood (Dark, light, high grain, finishes, wax etc.) and carving and embellished styles with intensity settings for styles based on era, (Antique, Victorian, 50s Car finishes, etc.) Radio-active glow, metamaterials, High Tenacity, and Alien, fractile-generated textures. So far choices are few and we can't do chrome bumper-type effects. We might need to be asked for a reflection map for mirrored metal surfaces. If there are plans for a completely new app for AI that can live-export to any associated Adobe app as all apps can be integrated as I suggested to Olson in the 90s with each a different workspace populated with associated tools and menus but you can tab between and transfer back and forth each time saving undo-steps or locking down parts to preserve memory.
Dynamic Titles for Premier Pro so you can make a green/blue/screen text font of a certain shape/thickness and bevel/s so video can be deposited into the text and/or graphic where you want dynamic animated textures. Text tools should bleed over to Photoshop, After Effects and other suite apps

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