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2020 Release Notes

Adobe Employee ,
Jul 20, 2020 Jul 20, 2020

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2020 Release

Following is the comprehensive list of all the significant changes done in the 2020 release. It includes new features, improvements and fixes for the user-reported bugs. I thought it would be useful to put it together for the benefit of all the users especially who are on 2019 version. 

New Features and Improvements

 Mac Version

  • RoboHelp is available on Mac OS now. There is feature parity with the Windows version, only notable missing feature is Microsoft HTML Help (CHM) output which is not available on Mac.



  • Microcontent is a smaller piece of content than a topic which you author in terms of Intent, Response, Phrases and Keywords. You can also associate an ID if you have context-sensitive usage. Since it is smaller than a topic RoboHelp provides a unique tabular authoring experience. You can create a fresh content or reuse to create Responses from existing topics. RoboHelp allows you to author in groups so you always start with new Microcontent Group file.
  • You can use Microcontent in a variety of ways, RoboHelp provides appropriate options in the output generation. Most obvious is Chatbot, which is provided as a new output preset and you can use the out-of-the-box integration with Google Dialogflow.
  • Create Microhelp, also new output preset, and use in various contexts like in Cloud application for CSH or Tooltip, in IoT devices, on a car dashboard panels etc. Various format options is also provided for Microhelp for different use cases.
  • Use group files to create FAQ pages, include the Microcontent Group file in the TOC and FAQ page will get automatically generated. It is also used in the Search to provide Google's featured snippet kind of experience. 


Online Review

  • Use cloud based live collaborative review with your SMEs. Reviewers just need the browser and author can collaborate from RoboHelp itself.
  • Review can be public or invite only and is hosted on robohelp.adobe.com



  • Now RoboHelp projects can be easily managed for translation. Create and Manage a Translation Project for all the supported languages from the master project. 
  • Use Export and Import XLIFF for sending the content for manual translation. RoboHelp provides the list of all the translatable content within the Project and exports for translation.
  • Content not intended for translation can be excluded using "translate" property.
  • In a single click translate your project using Machine Translation with 3 vendors Google, Yandex and Bing. Custom connectors for other vendors can be developed using RoboHelp's plugin framework.


Cross Reference

  • A new and more powerful way for linking to another existing content has been added. You can create links like "See Table 1 on page 23". You can create cross reference to Topic Title, Topic Description, Headings, Paragraphs, Tables, Figures, Bookmarks etc in any existing topic.
  • Cross reference format can be chosen from the options like Text, Page Number, Table Caption, Figure Caption etc. As the source changes, target content is automatically updated.
  • Drag and drop topic now defaults to creating cross reference to the Topic Title instead of hyperlink.


Publish to ServiceNow, Salesforce and Zendesk

  • XML preset is migrated to Content Only preset and target options have been added for these new knowledge base portals.
  • Specific settings have been added for each of them.



  • 2 new skins Top Navigation and Studio are added.
  • New features included in the existing skins are a) Share option for Social media and email b) Filter and Favorites buttons on the home page c) Option to have custom Links at the top d) Tile Description e) Limit the no of Tiles f) Option to have browse sequence buttons in the right panel 
  • Search box has been exposed as a widget for designing custom Top Navigation home page.
  • Footer HTML file has been moved out of the skin to the project for easier management and to support Variables and other project specific features.
  • Skin editor has gone through various clean up and improvements, there is an easier way to open user assets folder from the skin. Studio skin is developed completely using the skin editor itself.



  • TOC has gone through changes to take care of book related features in PDF and Word. There are two types of TOC now, Online and Book. Online TOC has the existing capability and Book TOC has the features for Front and Back matters. You can specify front/back cover page, TOC, Index and Glossary pages. You can also add pages for Introduction, Preface etc.
  • Book has been renamed to Section and Page has been renamed to Topic in the TOC.
  • An option to promote Topic to a Section has been added in the context menu.


CSS Editor

  • Page break options Break After, Break Before and Break Inside are added to the relevant styles like Heading, Table etc.
  • Indent and Outdent buttons added for Lists



  • There has been some significant advancements of PDF output in the 2020 release. To start with Front and Back matter content can be controlled using Book TOC. Concept of Chapter, its page break options and related Field variables for Chapter Title and Chapter Number have been added. Page break option for topics within chapter, for content within a topic etc have been added.
  • TOC creation option is provided whether to make it based on chapter and topics or the structure of the TOC.
  • You can have multi column in a page now. It needs to be defined in the CSS using column-count field.
  • Master page can be defined at a more granular level now.
  • Advanced options like a) Embed multimedia files b) Embed used fonts c) Watermarks d) Password protected PDF e) Page Display & Zoom f) Image compression g) Custom resolution with pixels per inch h) Metadata i) Page Size in different units j) Orientation etc
  • You can create fully accessible (ref: tagged) PDF
  • Existing PDF can be included as a topic in the TOC for merged PDF
  • Cross reference feature is available now. Index styling has been improved using multi column layout and cross reference to page numbers
  • Save as PDF option has been added in the context menu of the topics
  • You can export and import PDF presets as PDF Templates. Studio template has been provided out of the box.
  • book.css is added as part of the new project, this css file has all the classes for the styling of TOC, Index and Glossary pages



  • 8 new templates are provided in the Table Properties tab. To apply just click on any template.
  • Experience to use table properties has been enhanced. Table tab is added in the Properties panel which remains persistent if the focus is within Table. Fields to set Rows and Cols values are cleaned up and All option is added.
  • You can insert Multiple rows and cols at a time now, which works based on the selection.
  • Option to spread columns evenly has been added in the Column Width context menu.


Topic References and Broken Links

  • See the Link View of any topic by selecting "Show References" from the context menu of that topic. (ref: 3695, 6195)
  • In the Topic tab of Properties panel, References section is added to see all the incoming and output links. Broken links are shown in red and clicking that Fix Broken Links dialog opens up. (ref: 6969, 5625)
  • In the Delete confirmation dialog of any file, list of impacted files are shown with the option to remove references.
  • Fix Broken Links dialog has been made persistent to allow multiple fixes in one go.


Image caption

  • A caption can be added to an image now. Find option for Figure Caption at the time of inserting an image or from the Properties panel.
  • Control the styling of the caption using "figcaption" css style. (ref: 4046)


Word output

  • Option to insert chapter title in the TOC
  • Cross reference support (ref: 7253)
  • Book TOC features support for Cover Page, index, Glossary pages etc.



  • Horizontal Ruler is added which can be switched on/off from View > Show > Ruler menu. It lets you control left and right margins for any element. An user friendly vertical guide is provided to align with different objects. A live tooltip is provided to show the current value.
  • Right click menu on the Ruler provides different units to choose from, values are stored in the selected unit.



  • You can zoom in/out the content in the editor using a) View > Zoom / In / Out menu b) Mouse wheel c) Ctrl =- buttons
  • On zoom content reflows in the editor, it doesn't scroll to the right.



  • New Fields Chapter Title and Chapter Number are added for PDF and Word outputs
  • Editing experience is improved if Field is already present in the topic. Double click on select Edit Field from the context menu. On selection Properties panel shows the Field name and Edit button is added



  • Support added for multi line glossary definition in the authoring and in the output for various formats. (ref: 198)


Glossary, Snippets & Variables Panels

  • Only the name is shown in the listing. Preview is available in the popup from the context menu.
  • Search box is added for quick filter. Search works across the name and value of each item. (ref: 3152, 6149)


Show / Hide Panels

  • From Project Settings show or hide the relevant panels for your project to make your workspace cleaner. (ref: 7097)


Font List

  • Manage the list of fonts you want to work with in the project from the Project Settings dialog.
  • To specify fallback fonts for any entry, mention them comma separated like font1, font2. 
  • You can select option to include system fonts.  (ref: 4155)


Responsive Image Map

  • In the topic if an image having image maps is resized, updated dimensions for image map is automatically recalculated. (ref: 6655)
  • Similarly in the published Frameless or Responsive HTML5 output image map remains responsive to any change in the image size in the browser.  (ref: 4040)



  • Control the breadcrumbs styling globally from your CSS file using classes div.breadcrumbs, span.breadcurmbs-home-prefix, a.breadcurmbs-home, span.breadcrumbs-separator, a.breadcrumbs-link, a.breadcrumbs-topic. (ref: 3305)



  • Topic preview can be opened in a browser (ref: 6133)
  • A contrast color outline is added to make the tag color more visible in the panels (ref: 6339)
  • View with Browsers option for the output (ref: 6593, 6633)
  • Ctrl + Shift + 8 to show/hide paragraph markers (ref: 6635)
  • ID, Class and Translate fields under Attributes section added in the Properties panel
  • PhoneGap server has been removed. Offline compiling can be done using Apache Cordova (ref: 7079)
  • Empty condition groups are removed from the Conditions panel (ref: 7250)
  • Common OS folders like Documents, Desktop etc are restricted to be set as output path (ref: 7282)
  • Update Style shows the class name in the tooltip (ref: 7313)
  • Clear Formatting works on the cursor position as well, it works on the immediate parent element (ref: 7421)
  • Underscore in the folder name gets converted to space in TOC on drag and drop and auto create TOC (ref: 7395) 


Bug fixes

Authoring & Project

  • Position on topic page is not remembered when switching between tabs in Author or Preview mode (ref: 4691, 6609, 6822)
  • After editing an image the changes are not visible until you reopen the topic (ref: 6259) 
  • Clear formatting doesn't clean all the table attributes properly 
  • Variable can't be opened directly from the editor for editing (ref: 6732)
  • Field labels are missing as a tooltip or from the Properties panel (ref: 6735)
  • Cursor at beginning of line lost when you set a style (ref: 6967)
  • Position of Variable Name in Variables Report is not top aligned (ref: 6970)
  • Any image link in the variable doesn't publish properly (ref: 7071, 7090) 
  • Topic list CSV export contains commas within a table column (ref: 7142, 7179)
  • Duplicate style for certain styles gives application errors (ref: 7380)
  • Duplicate style not working with pseudo classes (ref: 7418)
  • Ctrl + F doesn't work in Source view first time (ref: 7419)
  • Topic References filter was not working with Graph filter (ref: 3146)
  • CHM merging should not create a copy of parent CHM in assets (ref: 6902)


PDF & Word

  • Unable to generate word/PDF when using images as a list in CSS (ref: 6598)
  • Cannot handle very large files (ref: 4833)
  • Merged TOCs appear in wrong order and wrong page count in PDF (ref: 6678)


Responsive HTML5 & Frameless

  • Search suggestions are still shown for topics hidden by DCF (ref: 5296)
  • Oceanic footer.html ignores variables in the output (ref: 6605)
  • Custom-sized/auto-sized popups inserted on an image do not work in Responsive HTML5 (ref: 6642)
  • Hyperlinks in a popup are not working (ref: 6727)
  • Index word containing multiple topics only opens after multiple clicks (ref: 5720) 
  • Breadcrumbs in Search sidebar results display as filepaths (ref: 6233)
  • Unable to change the background color of Hide Left Panel for Mobile (ref: 6644)
  • Page footer floats in middle of page in Tablet view (ref: 6829)
  • TOC Tile image not centered horizontally and vertically (ref: 7010)
  • In Responsive HTML5 search is not working properly if all child projects are not present (ref: 585)


Accessibility - Frameless & Responsive HTML5

  • NVDA not reading custom button titles when show label name is disabled in Responsive HTML5 skins (ref: 4883)
  • iframe not titled (ref: 5175)
  • Landmark regions not defined (ref: 5176)
  • Expand/Collapse control missing aria-expanded to denote Expanded or Collapsed State (ref: 5177)
  • Tab Panel not coded as a Tab Panel (ref: 5178)
  • Language not defined for pages (ref: 5179)
  • Tab contents incorrectly hidden when not viewed (ref: 5181)
  • Go to Top link not keyboard accessible due to missing href attribute (ref: 5182)
  • Expand/Collapse control not keyboard accessible and wrong accRole (ref: 5183)
  • Home Button not keyboard accessible and wrong accRole (ref: 5184)
  • Focus doesn't move to new content when selecting search result links (ref: 5186)
  • Search field missing aria-controls attribute to associate the search results (ref: 5187)
  • Invalid Search string message not Identified as an error and missing error suggestion (ref: 5188)
  • Search results not organized into a list (ref: 5190)
  • Checkbox is a clickable label associated with wrong Search field and displayed as a CSS Image (ref: 5191)
  • Search inputs incorrectly labeled using a placeholder attribute (ref: 5192)
  • Glossary Filter input missing aria-controls attribute to associate the filter list (ref: 5193)
  • Glossary message doesn't appear when glossary terms filter returns no results (ref: 5194)
  • Glossary Terms not keyboard navigable/operable (ref: 5195)
  • Glossary Terms not correctly coded as a list (ref: 5196)
  • Glossary Filter input incorrectly labeled using a placeholder attribute (ref: 5197)
  • ToC Expand/Collapse items need expanded/collapsed state defined (ref: 5198)
  • ToC Expand/Collapse items should be buttons with the proper state defined (ref: 5199)
  • ToC Lists not nested properly (ref: 5200)
  • ToC Collapsed sections not properly hidden (ref: 5201)
  • Keyboard shortcut needed to move focus to the main content (ref: 5244)
  • Selected state not programmatically defined for selected options (ref: 5245)
  • Incorrect tab order for Search field (ref: 5665)
  • Home link can't be activated with a keyboard and does not receive focus (ref: 6472)
  • The search field does not have a focus order that coincides with the reading order of the page (ref: 6474)
  • No skip link in the navigation header (ref: 6476)
  • Form fields do not provide programmatically associated labels (ref: 6477)
  • Sub-lists in left navigation are not structured properly (ref: 6478)
  • Color alone is used to indicate selected items on the table of contents tab (ref: 6481)
  • Controls do not receive keyboard focus and can't be used with a keyboard (ref: 6482)
  • Page tabs provide incorrect state and role (ref: 6483)
  • Navigation trees do not provide state information (ref: 6484)
  • Visually hidden content rendered to screen readers (ref: 6492)
  • Images do not provide alternative text (Header, footer, and sidebars - Frameless) (ref: 6493)
  • Page tabs not usable with keyboard (ref: 6495)
  • Custom controls do not provide name, state, or role information (ref: 6497)
  • Form fields lack valid labels (ref: 6498)
  • Keyboard focus is not indicated visually (ref: 6499)







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